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ReadComics Podcast #022

November 9th, 2008 by Martin

This week we talk about Spike, Angel, Buffy, Wonder Woman, Young Bottoms In Love, Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, Spider Woman, Mrs. Marvel, Secret Invasion, Grant Morrison, JLA, Gigantic, Rick Remender, Eric Nguyen, Gene Ha, Strange Girl, Prism Comics, Google News, and Mike’s ribbiting belly.

Listen to Podcast Episode #022 (17 MB, 36 minutes)

ReadComics Podcast #021 – Book Club #4 – The Walking Dead, Vol. 1

October 29th, 2008 by Martin

Tonight we had Jason, Mike, Florence, Marty, and a couple of new voices: Stephanie and Konrad. We talked at unusual length about The Walking Dead. Our focus was the first TPB, (Issues #1-6), but we definitely get into details from the second TPB, and even delve a bit into what’s happening in the series now (Issues #49-53). We highly recommend reading this book before you listen to this podcast unless you don’t mind spoilers.

Listen to Podcast Episode #021 (47 MB, 102 minutes)

ReadComics Podcast #020 – Interview with Thom Zahler

October 14th, 2008 by Martin

Tonight we had the immense pleasure of interviewing Thom Zahler, writer artist and creator of Love and Capes. He’s the self-professed “hardest working creator you’ve never heard of”. (It does sound like he works pretty hard. He was still the acting Mayor of his town for the duration of our interview.)

We had a lot of fun talking with him about his extensive experience in the comic book industry, as well as his opinions about everything ranging from sitcoms to the state of comics today. We talked about his inspirations and aspirations for the future. We even got him to sing a little for us.

Listen to Podcast Episode #020 (26.1 MB, 57 minutes)

ReadComics Podcast #019 – Fallcon 2008

October 6th, 2008 by Martin

Florence interviews Marty and Jason who talk about their trip to Fallcon in Saint Paul, MN. (They didn’t have to go far.) Mostly we discuss who we met and talked to, but we also talked about what we bought, including New Warriors, Marvel Civil War, Don Rosa, Metal Men, Machine Man, Straczynski’s run of Dr. Strange, Wormwood, Frank Miller’s Give Me Liberty, and Blackgas written by Warren Ellis. Jason has his picture taken with an Aquaman impersonator. We also talked briefly about books in our pull this week, including No Hero and Top 10 Season Two. Get it while it’s hot.

Listen to Podcast Episode #019 (23 MB, 51 minutes)

ReadComics Podcast #018 – Book Club #3 – Phantom Jack: The Collected Edition

September 30th, 2008 by Martin

This podcast, featuring Florence, Marty, Jason and Mike, was recorded for our third ReadComics Book Club. We talked (for about the first two thirds) about Phantom Jack: The Collected Edition. Just in case you care, there are spoilers.

We also talked about our future picks for Comic Book Book Club (the next book club will discuss the most recent two arcs of Buffy, issues 12-19), House of M: Avengers, DC and Marvel action figures including this Marvel Legends Spiral build-a-figure (via Captain Toy), and the Wizard People voice over thing for the first Harry Potter movie.

Listen to Podcast Episode #018 (30.1 MB, 65 minutes)

ReadComics Podcast #017

September 21st, 2008 by Martin

Join us tonight for the seventeenth ReadComics podcast. We talked about the Emmys, Neil Patrick Harris and his boyfriend, Prism Comics, Fallcon, Gaylaxicon, Windy City Comic-con, Echo, Sword, Runaways, The Goon, Spider Man Reign, PS238, Secret Invasion, and Final Crisis. Of course there was other stuff in there. Enjoy.

Listen to Podcast Episode #017 (30 MB, 66 minutes)

ReadComics Podcast #016

September 5th, 2008 by Martin

Listen to us!

The sixteen-thousandth podcast was recorded by Jason, Florence, Marty and Susie (via Skype). Marty bored everyone by talking about monetizing websites, but there is actual discussion of comic books… after Jason, Susie and Florence bore Marty by talking about which male character was the hottest in the “buffyverse” (and whether Andrew is/was gay). Other topics included Drawing Words & Writing Pictures, Superman and Brainiac in the latest Action Comics, James Marsters in Torchwood, Sky Doll, Wonder Woman, Runaways, Animal Man, Final Crisis, 52, Lobo and Wolverine.

Listen to Podcast Episode #016 (30 MB, 64 minutes)

ReadComics Podcast #015

August 30th, 2008 by Martin

Today Florence, Jason and Marty talked a whole lot about Robert Kirkman’s video editorial about how to save comics. We also talked about Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, Avatar and self-published comics. Other mentions included Runaways, Xmen, Archie, Power Pack, Richie Rich, Marvel Adventures, Hack Slash, Ex Machina, Brian K. Vaughn, Narcopolis, Jamie Delano, Ultimate universe, Michael Straczynski, Book of Lost Souls, Rising Stars, Little Brother and Cory Doctorow.

Listen to Podcast Episode #015 (28.5 MB, 62 minutes)

ReadComics Podcast #014

August 24th, 2008 by Martin

Another conversational podcast with Susie, Florence, Marty and Jason. We talk about the recent announcement that there will be a Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story (via Neil Gaiman’s blog), various superhero movies, Batman in about a million forms, Fear Agent, Walking Dead, Persepolis and Embroideries (by Marjane Satrapi), Ex Machina, women comic book artists, Fan Fiction, Animal Man, Bratgirl, Batdude and Throbbin’ (and other superhero porn), Top 10: Beyond he Farthest Precinct, Ultimate Comics, Ultimatum, Ultimate Origins, Ultimate Galactus, Gay Comic Geek, The Clockwork Game, a bevy of game-related webcomics: The Order of the Stick; Penny Arcade; PVP, Control Alt Delete; Dork Tower; Full Frontal Nerdery, Deisel Sweeties, Rising Stars, Strangers in Paradise, Echo, Terry Moore, Spider Man loves Mary Jane, Dark Horse Presents, and comic book reviews in general.

Listen to Podcast Episode #014 (36 MB, 78 minutes)

ReadComics Podcast #013 – Book Club #2 – Omega the Unknown

August 15th, 2008 by Martin

This podcast “issue” was recorded at our second ever ReadComics Book Club, where we talked extensively about Omega the Unknown, both the recently finished series, and also the “Classic” series from 1976. There are tons of spoilers, as we discuss plot points and compare and contrast the two series. Our regular podcasters Florence, Martin, Jason and Mike were all present, along with two new voices, Derik and Dave.

Listen to Podcast Episode #013 (28.4 MB, 62 minutes)

ReadComics Podcast #012

July 24th, 2008 by Martin

We’re back! We wrangled Jason, Mike, Marty and Florence back into Marty and Florence’s dining room for podcast number twelve, in which we talk about: Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, musicals in general, comic book musicals, Batman, Ultimate Comics, What if..?, Superman: Red Son, Ant Man’s Big Christmas, Lobo/Authority: Holiday Hell, The Underburbs, Hereville, Castle Waiting: The Curse of the Brambly Hedge, Warren Ellis, Black Summer, Valerian, Soleil, Sky-Doll, Watchmen Motion Comics, the Watchmen movie preview, The Spirit movie preview, Neuromancer, Snow Crash, and comic adaptations versus movie adaptations versus any other sort of adaptation ever made.

Listen to Podcast Episode #012 (34 MB, 73 minutes)

ReadComics Podcast #011 – From Convergence

July 6th, 2008 by Martin

The eleventh ReadComics podcast was recorded from the consuite at Convergence science fiction convention. We had Jen with us, for the first time, along with your regular podcasters Jason, Florence and Marty.

Topics included: Convergence, Wizard World, other comic book podcasters we met at Wizard World, Planetary, Robert Kirkman, Walking Dead, Sandman, Neil Gaiman, Mark Evanier, Jason’s panel appearances at Convergence, Jen’s crafting at the Renaissance Festival, the comic book code (and David Hajdu’s appearance THIS Tuesday), Jack Kirby, Marv Wolfman, Jennie Breeden and her webcomic The Devil’s Panties.

Listen to Podcast Episode #011 (25 MB, 55 minutes)

ReadComics Podcast #010 – From Chicago

June 23rd, 2008 by Martin

Our podcast tonight came to you from Susie’s living room in Chicago, recorded on Marty’s iPhone.

We talk about Wizard World extensively (duh), Wonder Woman, Warren Ellis, FreakAngels, Batman: Gotham Knight, Madman, The Filth, Grant Morrison, jason’s love of Image Comics (and Zombies), x-men, Chicago comic book shops: Brain Storm (and the Comic Book Queers Podcast) & Dark Tower (and the Around Comics Podcast), Jason’s green skin fetish (mostly for Hulkling and Changeling), Karate Kid and Ralph Macchio, (but not Ralph Macchio the Marvel Editor, the not the Karate Kid from Legion), and a bouncing zombie jesus f-ing christ.

Listen to Podcast Episode #010 (37.4 MB, 1:21 hours)

ReadComics Podcast #009 – Book Club #1

June 12th, 2008 by Martin

We sat down at one of our favorite local comic book shops, The Source Comics and Games to record this, the ninth Podcast. Unfortunately, the many D&D players around us create quite the background din, but hopefully you can more or less understand us as we wax lethargic about the first six issues of Northlanders, written by Brian Wood.

Listen to Podcast Episode #009 (19.8 MB, 43 minutes)

ReadComics Podcast #008

June 8th, 2008 by Martin

To make up for the delay, tonight’s podcast was extra long! We waxed poetic on the topics of: Top 10, Northlanders, True Story Swear To God, 100 Bullets, Trinity, Buffy / Angel, Giant Sized Astonishing X-Men, upcoming superhero movies, Wizard World, Convergence, Gaylaxicon 2009, comic shops in Chicago, the Mall of America, x-men and comic “brand awareness”, serialized fiction in comic books and soap operas, amazon kindle and reading on handheld devices.

Listen to Podcast Episode #008 (39.5 MB, 1:24 hour)

ReadComics Podcast #007

May 29th, 2008 by Martin

Tonight’s recording was a spur of the moment decision, where we decided hey, why don’t we record a podcast two days before moving? We weren’t too sure of what we were going to talk about, but as always, we ended up having a lot to say…about a whole lot of different things. Some of them even about comics.

Topics included Starman, Wizard World, Marty and Florence’s impending apartment move, getting autographs at conventions, The Sword, Northlanders, God Save the Queen, Neverwhere, Suburban Glamour, Seth Fisher, Will World, Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan, Wanted, and a band more horrifying than anything Lovecraft ever wrote.

Listen to Podcast Episode #007 (17 MB, 35 min)

ReadComics Podcast #006

May 21st, 2008 by Martin

Topics for this issue: Batman’s Death (we know nothing about this), Secret Invasion (similarities between Black Canary and Mockingbird), Gambit’s accent, Indiana Jones, Spider Man Loves Mary Jane, Joss Whedon, Southland Tales, sex in comics (Cherry Poptart), Iron Man, Starfox, and which superhero gets the most play.

For this podcast we had Martin, Florence, Jason, Mike and Susie.

Listen to Podcast Episode #006 (32 MB, 70 min) Podcast #005

May 14th, 2008 by Martin

Tonight we recorded a shorter podcast than usual, weighing in at around 25 minutes. We discussed The Pro, Weight Watchers, XXXombies, the living dead in general (and Jason’s phobia), The Chronicles of Narnia, Love and Capes, and how garage band has the metronome setting on by default. Yes, you can hear it. Hopefully it’s not too bad. I did remember to turn it off somewhere around minute twenty. If you can stand it, this is (hopefully) still a decent episode.

Listen to Podcast Episode #005 (11 MB, 25 min)

Podcast #004

May 8th, 2008 by Martin

In this, the fourth podcast, we talk about Starman, Brian K Vaughan (Ex Machina and Y, The Last Man, Runaways), Suburban Glamour, free comic book day, Sandman, starting a comic book library, and the Hi, I’m a Marvel… and I’m a DC parody on youtube.

Marty, Florence and Jason are joined by Susie via Skype.

Listen to the Podcast Episode #004 (54 min, 25 MB)

Podcast #003 – We Saw Iron Man!

April 30th, 2008 by Martin

Join us for our third podcast in which we record from an AMC theater while waiting in line for a sneak preview of the new Iron Man film. At the end of the podcast, we also record our impressions after the film, but there are loud spoiler warnings ahead of that in case you don’t want to hear about it before you’ve seen it. (They are relatively minor spoilers, but we do end up discussing and giving our impressions of the final scene in the movie.)

We had a larger cast than usual as we discuss our limited knowledge of Iron Man, the sneak preview, various other movies, LifeLock (identity insurance), The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, our final impressions of the movie, and try to answer the burning question: How many costumes has Iron Man worn?

Notes: The podcast also features some musical clips from “Iron Man” by Black Sabath, and what I believe to be a band called Giant Sand covering said classic track. (The latter via Cover Freak.) This is our first real editing job here at Read Comics, so we hope you enjoy it. The speaking portions of this comic were recorded on Marty’s iPhone, which was a gift from his lovely wife and fellow podcaster, Florence. Also, big thanks to everyone we interviewed (badly) in line for the movie. If you’re reading this, leave a comment, cause you were awesome!

Listen to ReadComics Podcast #3 – We Saw Iron Man! (35 min, 16 MB)

Also, go see Iron Man, it was absolutely brilliant!!! (SERIOUSLY!!!!)

ReadComics Podcast Episode #002

April 27th, 2008 by Martin

Join us for our second podcast, where we discuss Blade, Microcon, podcasting, local comic book authors, Gaylaxicon 2009, Slingshot, Power Pack, 80s TV shows, upcoming comic book movies, free comic book day (& local comic book shops), and the history of our comic book reading.

Listen to Podcast Episode #002 (1:08 hr, 31 MB)

The First ReadComics Podcast EVER

April 22nd, 2008 by Martin

We finally did it! We finally recorded our first podcast. Download it now to listen to us get completely off topic constantly. It takes us a bit to get warmed up, but there is some comic book stuff in there, really, honest.

The Podcast – Issue 1 (55 min, 25 MB)

Join us as we talk about Superman Confidential, Shia LeBeouf, Adam Among The Gods, Echo, women’s body issues in comics, Iron Man, Ex Machina, bathhouses, going to Wizard World, Secret Invasion, and David Hasselhoff in what could be his best role ever.