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January 31st, 2007 by

…that’s what we want to do.

This blog will document (and plan) our comic book book club. First item up for discussion, what should our first month’s read be? I’d say something none of us have read before, but I doubt we can really find something. Anyone have any suggestions? I’m mid-way through Kabuki: Circle of Blood right now, and Florence just finished it, so that might be a good one.

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2 Responses to “Read Comics”

  1. florence Says:

    I enjoyed the first Kabuki tradepaperback. The art is lovely, the writing needs some polishing. Knowing that David Mack was in college when he wrote it, I am looking forward to moving on to his more recent work and seeing his progression. We met him at a comic convention in Chicago last year, and he was the sweetest (and most buff) guy there. I had seen his art and character creation in Daredevil, but after I met him I felt like a fan for life.

    I’m looking forward to discussing the details of the book with more people who have read it.

  2. jason Says:

    It sounds interesting and I would probably enjoy it. If we have several people who have ideas on what would be a good first reading, an idea would be to write them down and pull them out of a hat (or Scrabble bag) and decide the initial order that way.