Gary Gygax Memorial Webcomics

March 11th, 2008 by

Gary Gygax, one of the creators of D&D died a week ago. Here are all of the webcomic tributes I could find:

Ultimate Game — XKCD
Order of the Stick
Dork Tower
Dueling Analogs
“The Journey’s End” GU Comics
Full Frontal Nerdity
Penny Arcade
No Parking
Ben Towle

(These are in no particular order, except that XKCD is one of my favorite comics, and was the inspiration for this post.) Please comment if you find more.

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  1. Martin Says:

    This is not really a comic, but it’s pretty funny, and well worth reading: What Real-Life Dungeon Exploration Might Look Like, Graduate Students in Tow

  2. Martin Says:

  3. Martin Says:

    Here’s another one: