Legend of BLAR!

March 17th, 2008 by

I quite enjoyed The Legend of BLAR!, which I believe to be one third of a book that is temporarily unavailable from Little House Comics. Interesting stuff.

UPDATE: Jason is forcing me to write more about this. I guess I thought the comic was interesting for several reasons. First, it is slightly self-referential, as in, it could be a “strange loop” We get to the end, and it could start all over again. Not only that, but BLAR’s “worst enemy” is himself, (which he doesn’t hesitate to dispatch, nonetheless). Secondly, I found it interesting because of how representative the last panel is of a particular moment that all gamers know. The moment when you know you should stop, and you want to stop, but you also really want to keep going. Of course, this is probably the very reason that BLAR is his own worst enemy. He cannot stop adventuring. He cannot stop killing. (Perhaps BLAR is a psychopath, just like all the rest of you role playing adventurers!)

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