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March 24th, 2008 by

Astute readers will notice that I’ve spruced up our sidebar a little bit. I’d like to add a few more links, but I don’t really have a vision yet for which ones should go on there. Same goes for what categories of links we should use.

Anyone have any good ideas? Know of any absolute MUST LINK sites? Just about the only thing I know I don’t want to do is start listing stuff just for the sake of putting it on there. I’m thinking right now that I don’t want to list webcomics, or artists, because we’d just end up with a massive list that would be near-impossible to maintain.

Another question I had was whether we should create an “about” page. We could use it to post brief bios that link to our personal sites (for those of us who have them), and move those links off the sidebar of the main pages. Ideas, thoughts, links?

5 Responses to “Links and Sidebar Stuff”

  1. Michael Says:

    We should have a calendar on the side so that someone can search for posts by date.

  2. Michael Says:

    The bios idea is great…I can photoshop our heads onto the bodies of our favorite super heroes!

  3. Martin Says:

    I get to be invincible!!! Florence says she wants to be Francene from Strangers in Paradise. Everyone send me your bios and I’ll start putting together the about page. I’m thinking something like this for the top of the page: is a loose internet gathering of comic book fanatics whose sole purpose is to READ COMICS. We share our opinions because it’s fun and convenient. (And because we have a dream that one day we’ll all wear one of those press passes at Wizard World.)

    Too short? Anything I left out?

  4. Martin Says:

    Oh, and I figured out how to add a calendar thingy to the sidebar. Also notable is that you can click on “Archives” now, and it takes you to a list of all our posts.

  5. Martin Says:

    ok, and now you can click on author names to view all posts by that author.