Long Distance Web Comic Collaboration

March 26th, 2008 by

So… I’ve mentioned to a few people that I might have some interest in creating my own web comic. But now I’ve got a better idea… if we all collaborate, then it’s less work for me!

One of the problems is that none of us can draw… so this way when it sucks, it’s nobody’s fault in particular!

My only real plot idea is that it’d be a bunch of robots standing around talking about how much humans suck.

I’m picturing some really simple line drawings of robots at first. I think it’d be really cool if everybody did their own, and then we unveiled them all to each other at the same time. Maybe everyone does one robot to start out with, in say… three different poses? That should give us plenty of art work to do our first three panel webcomic. We can always write the captions after we choose the art. I (for some no doubt baseless reason) think that’ll be the easy part.

So who’s in?

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