Adam Among Gods

April 10th, 2008 by

Adam Among the GodsI have to say that I really enjoyed this one-off single issue comic. I wish everyone could have the experience I had reading this. I picked it up in the shop, read the first couple of pages, and the premise was interesting enough to bring home with me. Basically, Adam is the first genetically modified human, grown in a vat, and considered by these future humans to be the first of their kind. Because the generations that came after Adam never die. They don’t get sick, and they don’t have genetic “defects”. It’s basically a utopian society, and everyone is beautiful, because nobody is flawed. This was all I knew when I brought the comic home and opened up to where I left off. We hadn’t yet seen Adam, our narrator.

Extremely mild spoiler after the link:

It was the very next page where I did finally see Adam. In retrospect, the comic really didn’t live up to the character revelation I thought I had at this point. Adam is a totally deformed dwarf of a disfigured elephant man type character. I just had this image of someone who has lived for literally hundreds of years, and watched as everyone around him got more and more beautiful, until basically everyone is supermodel quality, and you are still quasimodo-ugly. You are revered for who you are, not something you ever did or accomplished, and everyone knows you on sight (because how could they not!?)

Naturally, there are some in the society who think it is too homogenized, and that’s where the plot really goes. Adam is not the megalomaniacal old crazy that I think he should be, and in fact is quite rational and sane. Nonetheless, the comic did take a couple of interesting turns, and, I felt was well worth the read.

The production values were fairly high, considering this is an indie comic. The art was good, but not great. It really was the story that kept me reading. Good Stuff there. Recommended!

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