Tori Amos is editing a book of comics written about her songs!

May 7th, 2008 by

This is probably old news to just about everyone, but I hadn’t heard about this book, called Comic Book Tattoo, so I’m posting it here anyway. I don’t know how much editorial control singer/songwriter Tori Amos really had, but supposedly she had her fingers in the book-making pie from start to finish.

It’s already available for pre-order from amazon, (including a super-deluxe hardcover edition for four-times the price), and they list the release date to be July 16th.

I found information about this all over the place (when I started looking), but the best article was at Comic Book Resources, as it has a lot more details and includes some sweet art from the collection.


2 Responses to “Tori Amos is editing a book of comics written about her songs!”

  1. Leif Jones Says:

    I wrote and drew a story for CBT based on her song LITTLE AMSTERDAM. I’ve posted some sample art on my blog:


  2. jason Says:

    Cool website, Leif! I really enjoy all the step-by-step technique stuff that you post on bringing your art to life. Artists’ blogs really inspire me to pick up the pencils myself.