Welcome to Tranquility #7-12

May 27th, 2008 by

As some of our podcast listeners know, Jason would not be a fan of this arc of Welcome to Tranquility. It has zombies. It’s not trying to be original or modern or spectacular in its gore, this is just the next story to be told in this quaint all-American town full of superheroes, supervillains, and a sheriff who calls a demon a doodyhead.

Gail Simone revels in cliches, but manages to tell an original story stocked with characters who seem to have unique pasts and powers. Issue #7 starts with lingering looks into several characters’ daily lives. We visit the aging superheroine waking up in her ever-present bunny costume. An old man continuing a once-fierce battle with his neighboring nemesis, now reduced to bickering over the fence. The pan continues, dwelling on a cute goth boy, a drunk in a bar, a man tinkering with a beloved old car, and a singing undead Elvis-wannabe in a graveyard.

It felt like a chance to visit these people and review my memories of other stories I had heard about them. It’s hard to tell how many stories are from canon, and how many are from my own imagination, which seems to have allowed them to continue living since my last visit to town.

Giving away the general story arc wouldn’t really do this series justice. Its feels like old-fashioned story-telling with no higher purpose or message, but it really sucks me in and makes me care.

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