Buffy Season 8 #15

June 4th, 2008 by

I just bought Part 4 of Drew Goddard’s ‘Wolves at the Gate’ arc of Buffy Season 8. Drew wrote for Buffy and Angel when they were on the air (he’s also a JJ. Abrams favorite, having written for Alias, Lost and Cloverfield). He has always demonstrated excellent pacing and wit in his writing, and I have been really impressed with his ability to transfer those skills over to the medium of comics. This issue completely sucked me in and then took me on the roller coaster that I expect in the Jossverse; weaving excitement, laughter, and wrenching heartbreak.  When it ended I felt drained and happy, hopeful and yet sure that soon, things would get much worse for these characters that I care about. Because it always gets worse, and yet it never feels depressing. The message has always been that the world can suck and there are no guarantees for a happy ending, but there are friends and there are moments of joy and connection, and that is the point. We keep fighting.

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