Batman: Snow

June 6th, 2008 by

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I picked up Batman: Snow because it is another book drawn by Seth Fisher, but this was almost entirely without the abstract style that I loved so much about Will World and Big in Japan. The art is still distinctively Fisher, but without the weirdness, it didn’t feel terribly special to me. There are some images with a lot of detail that I feel are particularly great, but overall the art is just good, but not especially noteworthy.

The story telling was pretty straight forward, and it’s a good story, so it was a quick and easy read. This basically just re-tells the Mr Freeze origin story, with some minor details twisted and changed around, and the added dimension of Batman trying to put together a crime fighting “team” of his own. At the end of the book, the team and batman part ways, but there is mention of how some members of the team want to continue working together, just not for batman… I haven’t yet found any reference to what or who they might have become.

I noticed that this book isn’t (yet) added to the wikipedia entry on Mr. Freeze, but I’m really too sleepy to do anything about it right now.

Overall, this is well worth a read, but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to find it unless you’re really into Batman or Mr. Freeze.

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2 Responses to “Batman: Snow”

  1. j_ay Says:

    Of course a Batman script, set within a main title, is going to be more mainstream than one-shots independent of their core title. So Seth did what the script stated. First goal of the artist is to tell the story, not be whacky for whackiness’ sake.

    There are LOTS of brilliant panels within the story; you may just have to look for them more.

    And the editors did hold Seth back on a few things. You may have noticed little cartoon bats following Batman around, well, little bunnies were always supposed to be around Alfred (I think one or to made it in). Stuff like that.

    Give it another look some time.

  2. Martin Says:

    Interesting, I will look for the bunnies!