Hellboy 2 (I apologize for all the run on sentences)

July 13th, 2008 by

I just got back from seeing Hellboy: the Golden Army.  I had been planning to see it because I had liked (but not loved) the first one and because director Gulliermo Del Toro had truly impressed me with Pan’s Labyrinth.  But of the summer movies I had put on my to see list (such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Iron Man, Wall-E, Hancock, and Dark Knight) I was not anticipating it the way I was some of the others.  Which is why I was so pleasantly surprised to have loved it.  I mean really loved it!  I mean gasping with shock, laughing hysterically, wishing for a pause button to get a look at all the cool creatures stuffed in a scene, and bouncing giddily waiting for whatever it threw at me, loved it!  It was so geared to my sensibilities, reminding me at times of Star Wars, the Princess Bride, the Muppets, Crouching Tiger, LOTR; that I don’t know if people who don’t share my tastes would love it as much.  In fact of the thirty or so other people in the theater only a man a few seats away from me (who happened to have a fidgety, but enthusiastic, six year old with him) was not just the only one laughing and ooing at the same places I was, but also the only one displaying any kind of reaction at all.  Perhaps it was just a subdued crowd, I certainly did not hear any one complaining or dissing the film on the way out, but nobody was praising it either.  I am sure it will not beat Hancock at the box office, which is sad in it’s own right because it is a far superior film.  I think it is more sad that most six year olds will be seeing Wall-E (which I did think was excellent) for the second or third time instead of Hellboy 2.  Because it was seeing similar movies at that tender age that had me grow up to be the kind of person who loves them at this  advanced and tender age.  I definitely recommend it, if only to gage what people who are not me thought of it.  Also I now am very glad that Del Toro has signed on to direct the Hobbit.  I am only sorry that Peter Jackson’s team did such a good job of establishing the look of Middle Earth, because I would have loved to see what Del Toro would have come up with from scratch.

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5 Responses to “Hellboy 2 (I apologize for all the run on sentences)”

  1. Susie Says:

    I tried to insert the movie poster into the post but it did not work. Any suggestions?

  2. Martin Says:

    You had actually uploaded it twice, but there is another step after the upload. I’ll run you through it sometime over the phone. Oh, and I was excited before, but I’m now EXTREMELY excited to see this movie. Might have to wait until Tuesday night though.

  3. florence Says:

    We have made a date to see this on Tuesday at 7:05 : >

  4. Martin Says:

    ugh… florence is sick, so we STILL haven’t seen this.

  5. florence Says:

    Now we’ve seen it! I have to admit that my expectations were so high that I was a tiny bit disappointed, but I still thought it was awesome and would recommend it highly to others. My biggest complaint was the first 10 minutes, which had distractingly bad makeup/ child acting and completely unnecessary ‘look at me I can fight by myself’ fight choreography porn. But that section also has the coolest fairy tail illustration ever, so I wouldn’t want to cut it out completely. All in all, the elder creatures were full of beautiful and scary magic, and I kind of wished that they were in every frame, instead of the Hellboy character, which I belatedly remembered had always annoyed me. I do love Doug Jones (playing Abe), since meeting him during the Pan’s Labyrinth premiere and finding him to be a sweet and generous man, surprised and gracious about being surrounded by crowds of fans. It was great to see him with such a big role in this installment, and I’m glad they set up the ending to lead into more movies with him as a central character.

    I completely agree with Susie’s point about the LOTR world. I have loved Peter Jackson’s version and can’t imagine them changing it now, but the mind boggles at what that would have looked like with del Toro creating it from scratch.