Dreamhaven Books Relocating

July 15th, 2008 by

Dreamhaven Books has been one of the staples of the twin cities comic book (and sci-fi fandom) scene(s) for as long as I can remember. They have had a shop in Uptown (prime retail real estate) for a long time, and I never go into that shop without finding something new and interesting. Anyway, they are moving their location and it sounds like scaling back their operation quite a bit. From the website:

Saturday, August 30th
Grand opening at 2301 East 38th Street.

The new store is somewhat smaller than the current store. Greg is planning to run it as a one-man operation. It will be open Tuesday through Saturday, noon-7pm.

In the mean time, they are also having a sale:

  • Used hardcovers 50% off the marked price
  • Used trade paperbacks 50% off the marked price
  • Bagged collectible used paperbacks 50% off the marked price
  • Regular used paperbacks 75% off the cover price, 75-cent minimum
  • Bargain comics – thousands of titles, new titles added weekly 5/$1.00
  • Bagged and boarded back-issue comics 50% off the marked price
  • Comic book package deals 50% off the marked price
  • All regular-priced manga books 50% off the cover price
  • All sale-priced manga books now just $2.00

Mike and I went down there today, and the sale seems pretty low key, but there are definitely deals to be had, and I’ll be going back to pour through all the unsorted old comics sometime in the near future.

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