xkcd.com — best geek webcomic EVER

August 9th, 2008 by

I realized this morning, while catching up on the latest xkcd, that we don’t have any xkcd entries on ReadComics.org yet.

Simply put, xkcd is the best webcomic for internet-related “geek” humor out there.

I remember the first time I read the “sandwich” comic (you won’t get it if you don’t know what “sudo” means), I had to explain it to florence because I thought it was so funny. Of course, Florence, not knowing what sudo meant until I explained it to her, did not really think it was all that funny. Reading through some of the archives with her, she did admit she liked some of the others. I believe that may have actually been my first exposure to xkcd. It’s possible I’d seen some of the others in email forwards or other contexts.

XKCD is written and drawn (mostly with stick figures) by Randall Munroe, who was a physics major and worked for NASA before he started writing xkcd full time. Here is a relatively interesting interview with Munroe posted on Wikinews.


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