Justice: Alex Ross

October 20th, 2008 by

I just finished reading the self-contained DC Justice series #1-12.  The entire run was co-written and drawn by Alex Ross, so the art is spectacular and the characterization is spot-on.  That’s not surprising, since I associate Ross with a consistent quality and craftsmanship that I don’t expect with most comic creators.  I really appreciate the epic feel without a cascading set of companion purchases, you can get the entire story in just 12 issues.

Justice pulls together the Justice League and many of their most familiar enemies for a story set on a grand scale.  I don’t want to spoil the premise, but one thread involves the release of Batman’s secret files on his companions and foes, several of which are revealed at the end of each issue, which is a treat.  Ross managed to showcase the complex humanity in every character (including the aliens and talking gorillas), never succumbing to the bla impersonal action blowouts that can easily overwhelm some comics.  There are big action blowouts, but by using the first-person voices of several characters in turn, we’re still able to see the personal aspect of the biggest battles.

It’s tough to convey the fact that this is also full of very funny moments, grounded in iconic characters we know well.  I can’t be the only one to crack up at a well-placed Batman glare.

2 Responses to “Justice: Alex Ross”

  1. Charles Raymond Says:

    I read the first couple issues as they came out and thought it was great, but missed issues along the way so I never finished reading it… The collected versions have been sitting in my to read pile for some time, maybe I should move it up to the top of the pile and bring it with to read in the car this weekend…

    And as long as I am posting a comment, I am going to be buying trades this weekend… (cause a three foot to read stack isnt big enough right?) There is no place that has a good selection where I live but this weekend I am going to be by the source on Friday and Westfield Comics on Saturday both of which have a great selection to choose from…

    So, Does anyone out there have some suggestions of what I should pick up?

  2. Martin Says:

    Oh man, there’s just so much to read. For what it’s worth, I can’t seem to get enough of PS238 lately. Last time I looked at the source they had all but the fifth TPB. It’s probably the first B&W comic I’ve really been into. (With the second being the Walking Dead, also highly recommended.)