Book Club – Buffy Season 8 #1-18

November 16th, 2008 by

We’re finally getting around to posting a date for this Buffy Book Club. As usual we’ll be meeting at Marty & Florence’s place, this time on Saturday November 22nd, again around 7pm. Again, this is the latest series of Buffy comics, Season 8, issues #1 through #18. It looks like issue #19, the conclusion of the latest arc should actually come out the following Wednesday, November 26, so we’ll be doing a bunch of speculation about that issue.

–THIS Saturday–
Marty & Florence’s Place
7 PM


2 Responses to “Book Club – Buffy Season 8 #1-18”

  1. Chad Says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am a long time listener first time pod commenter.

    I did not make it all the way though to issue 18 (I was able to get 1-10 and 12 but only had time to read though issue 6) but thought I would see if you could answer some questions during your pod cast.
    1. I know Florence was a Buffy fan and probably saw all the seasons of the show but for everyone who did not watch the series was it easy to get involved into Season Eight?
    2. I was also wondering if now that the comic is out do you find the comic more entertaining or the tv show?
    3. Do you think that not being restricted by a tv show budget has affected the type of story or scope of the story being told?
    4. Do previous Buffy comics fit into the continuity of the tv show or with this comic or are they all stand alones.
    5. What about Angel and Spike comics from other publishers? Even though cross overs are probably not likely do the events that happen in Angel or Spike comic still happen in the Buffy (I thought that Joss had been involved with if not written an Angel from IDW?) like Sunnyville being blown up. Is it also an event at least acknowledged in the other books.

    Thanks, I will take my question off the air.

    Talk to everyone later.
    bye now.

  2. Martin Says:

    Hi Chad,

    Unfortunately, we didn’t get your questions until after we’d already done the podcast, but this was a great idea! We’d love to have a list of commenter questions like this before a podcast.

    Looking back at them, I think we did answer some of them, but maybe not as directly as we could have. I’ll answer some here:

    1) The two of us who hadn’t seen much of the show both were still able to get into the comic, but maybe not as much as those who had seen the show. I also know that we both (mike and I) would probably not have read all these if it hadn’t been for the book club. But having said that, we were both glad that we did. (I know this, because we discussed it. I just can’t remember if it was in the podcast.)
    2) We definitely didn’t answer this directly, but since I’m one of those who didn’t watch the show, I can’t really say.
    3) This is a fun question that Florence and I had totally discussed on our own, but didn’t come up last night during the podcast! We definitely think they are taking advantage of things that they couldn’t do on TV because they’d be too expensive. Dawn as a giant is a good example, but Florence cited having bases in tons of countries and changing locale for every other issue or so as being a prime example.
    4) We didn’t really discuss previous Buffy comics other than Frey, which is definitely part of the continuity of Season 8, since the last arc is a crossover!
    5) We definitely discussed Angel and Spike comics at length. I didn’t know anything about them, so I can’t really speak to that.

    Thanks for writing, and don’t hesitate to do it again!