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Florence and Marty are joined by Florence’s sister Susie for a long-ish discussion of the new Buffy: Season 8, issue #19. Then Florence and Marty briefly discuss The Walking Dead #55.

Be warned, the spoilers start right away.

Buffy: Season 8 #19

Susie: I can’t say that’s what I was expecting, but it makes a lot of sense.

Florence: But it’s so sad! Ultimately Buffy killed dark Willow because that’s what Willow wanted. Do you think Willow did actually fuck shit up in the future?

Marty: The last page of the comic said that the future was still there, and everything was fine.

Florence: But did Willow actually cause evil to happen in the future?  Or did she just stir up stuff that was already happening?

Susie: I think if our Willow were to find out about it, she might cause the no-magic to happen herself, to prevent that version of herself from happening.

Florence: Did she actually live all those years? She made mention of being ‘in and out’.

Susie: No, I think she’s lived the whole, unnatural amount of time.

Florence: Yes, she did seem old- with a long burden.

Susie: She had lost a lot of herself.  She didn’t create the rift, she just had to take advantage of it.

Florence: So sad!

Susie: New topic: stupid Riley!

~Interlude for Susie to explain Riley to Marty.  He’s an ex-boyfriend of Buffy’s who was in the military demon-fighting core, and who was a stupid jerk that Buffy always idealized as the unattainable “normal” boyfriend who abandoned her.  ~

Marty: Didn’t he look like Christian Slater in this?

Florence: He didn’t look very Riley-like, but it has to be him.

Marty: What is that on his chest?

Susie: It’s the Twilight symbol, but really big.  I suppose he could be a triple agent just fooling Twilight…

Florence: Argh!

Susie: But I don’t think so.  I think we’ll finally be rid of him soon.

Florence: Yay!  Vindication after that infuriating ‘Riley is the messiah’ episode where everyone thought he was awesome.  Where do you think his wife is now?

Marty: Florence is still writing about Riley…

Florence: What were you on to?

Marty: Susie was talking about Willow.

Susie: Will this whole experience cause Buffy to start questioning Willow?  Will she tell Willow about what happened?  I can’t imagine that she’d do that.  Could anything stop her from becoming Dark Willow at this point, or does that have to happen?

Florence: I agree that Buffy is not prone to sharing burdensome secrets, but it will definitely drive her further into isolation and away from her best friend.

Susie: If she doesn’t share it with Willow, she’ll be a hypocrite for exiling Giles for not sharing every detail with her.  But when has Buffy not been a hypocrite?  New topic!

Marty: This would have made a good podcast.  Everyone would have heard me sniffle.

Susie: Was Xander’s helmet an acorn?

Marty/ Florence: What??!

Susie: It was a very strange helmet.  I sort of appreciated how silly the forest creature interludes were.  With everything else going on, that was kind of nice.

Marty: It did look like an acorn. One of the funnier lines was when Xander says, “All the ladies in the house go ‘Yeah…'”.

Susie: I liked that they were still bantering in the middle of the battle. Do you think that a big portion of the slayer army has died in the bomb?  How big of a setback will that be for them?

Florence: Good question.  There are many slayers now, but they’re still a finite number.

Marty: So this concluded the arc. Where do you think they’re going to go from here?

Florence: Do you think they’ll tell us the whole story with dark Willow?

Susie: It depends, do you want them to?

Florence: Yes- I need it!

Susie: Then.. they probably won’t.  When did they ever give us what we wanted?

Florence: But we can’t count on future seasons this time, this could be it!

Susie: I heard this season is supposed to be around 40 issues, so we’re about halfway through.  And they say that they could keep going to Season 9.  I also heard there are some stand alone issues coming up. I hope to see more of Faith and Giles again. Drusilla is still out there. But as for what will happen? I have no idea.

Florence: In the letters column they say that Giles and Faith will be back again in issue #24.

Susie: Yay!  So we will see them again.  What other old Buffy characters haven’t made an appearance yet?  I was thinking of Dru.  Is there anyone else that you would like to see pop up again?

Florence: I miss Jonathan.

Susie: As far as I know, he’s still dead.  But then again, so was Warren.

Florence: I am so dead.  Whoops, I meant to say I am so done with Kennedy.

Susie: That’s Freudian, you just wish that Kennedy was dead.  I think we’re stuck with her for now.  The one ray of hope is that no couple can stay happy for long.  I don’t even want anything to happen to her, I just want her to go away.  I laugh, because we are so hateful.  Just resentful that this is Our Thing, how can those writers force something to happen that we don’t like?  Can’t accept that we don’t actually have any control.  I guess the person that made her up probably likes her.

Florence: I find myself excited to see Marti Noxon’s name on other shows, even though I grumbled so much when she was the showrunner of Buffy.

Susie: It got to the point that anything we didn’t like, we attributed to her, and that’s probably unfair.

Marty: What was her role?

Florence: She started as a writer, and moved up to showrunner when Joss left to focus on Firefly.

Marty: ‘Showrunner’ is a thing?

Susie: It’s a job title; it involves supervising everything.  From what I hear, Joss maintained quite a bit of control, but some things fell through the cracks.

Marty: Huh.  You still haven’t transcribed my erection comment.  There is a panel in which it looks like Willow has an erection, while Buffy is hugging her (on the second to last page).

Florence: Groan, I see it.

Susie: I heard that Jane Espenson is going to write an issue, it might be the next one.  Yay!

Marty: Susie, I hope that you don’t get sick after our visit.

Susie: Me, neither, but if I do I won’t blame you guys.

Florence: You should, we are nothing but contagion-spreaders.

The Walking Dead #55

Marty: Dream sequences, love ’em or hate ’em?

Florence: This one worked for me. It was clear relatively quickly that’s what was happeneing. So I didn’t feel duped. I thought it said something about his state of mind that he couldn’t just say out loud.

Marty: I feel like we already saw a scene just like this, where he said, “We have to stop talking on the phone.”

Florence: Yes, I think that’s part of the point.  He didn’t let go of the phone for a long time after he said it this time.  It’s going to catch up with him soon.  Did you see the look that Carl gave him when Glen mentioned the phone?

Marty: Yeah, I see now. The new mustache guy gets really annoying.

Florence: Do you think the new scientist guy is legit?  He spent some time this issue “observing” new zombie behavior when they came across a lurker who seemed unable to find the energy to bite, even when prey was inches away.

Marty: I wonder if Kirkman’s getting tired of zombies?  He’s always said that we’re the walking dead.

Florence: What do you mean?

Marty: I mean, this could just become a post-apocalyptic story, if the zombies all die off.

Florence: I remember mentioning that idea during our podcast.  The zombies have to decompose at some point and become immobile at the very least.

Marty: Poor Glen.

Florence: Aww, I know!  That was so sad!  I tried to hide the last page from you while you were reading Buffy next to me, so you wouldn’t get spoiled.  I was caught completely off guard.

Marty: That’s funny, cause I was hiding pages of Buffy from you.

Florence: Which ones?

Marty:  The Riley reveal… and something at the end, I don’t remember.

Florence: I’m too tired to type anymore.

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