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This has been out there on interwebs for awhile, but I only just discovered it last week.  A cartoonist going only by Rich, has created a Doctor Who fan comic spanning 247 pages, called the Ten Doctors.  He clearly has a deep affection for Doctor Who, because the comic is very much a labor of love.  It took over three years to complete, and is a very complex, but entertaining adventure.  As the name implies, it features all ten incarnations of the doctor, through David Tennant.  It was completed before Matt Smith debuted as Doctor Eleven, so he is absent.  It also features countless past companions, aliens, and enemies.  I got into Doctor Who with the new series, so I was only really familiar with the characters from the ninth Doctor’s era and onward.  My experience with old school Who, is composed only of two Tom Baker serials, and short youtube clips, of the other Doctors.  So I did not recognize all the companions, or enemies, or plot elements refferenced, but it didn’t really matter, the story was told well enough that I could infer the most of what I needed to know.  Whenever I did get confused, I could just scroll down to that page’s comment section, and there was usually someone who had posed my question already, and an answer from either Rich, or another reader.  Each doctor, and most of the companions gets a moment to shine, over the course of the comic.  Based just on reading of this comic, I now am a fan of Doctors two, and five, and the companions Jamie, the Brigadier, Ace, Romana and Leela.  (I was already a fan of nine, ten, four, and eleven, and all their companions)  There are plenty of humorous moments, and quite a few touching ones as well.  It is drawn in an animated style, with rough pencils as the finished version.  Someone on Devient Art is going through it, and inking and coloring the pages, but has only reached the sixth page, last time I checked.  Regardless, it is quite is an impressive accomplishment.  Rich has a few other comics, featuring original characters.  Based on the qulity of the Ten Doctors, I plan on checking them out.

You should be able to click on the following image to be taken to the first page of the Ten Doctors on Rich’s website.  If you are anything like me, you will spend the next few days reading the whole thing.

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2 Responses to “Epic Doctor Who Fan Comic”

  1. Florence Says:

    I want to see what Jason has to say about how true to form Doctors One through Eight are as he works his way through rewatching every episode. I’m also curious about his take on your favorite past companions.

  2. Jason Says:

    I downloaded the whole thing and I’ve started reading it several times, but haven’t finished it yet. I quite like it, and really want to finish it, but until I have a TARDIS of my own, I never have enough time, especially for something as big as this. The problem, of course, is that I let enough time lapse between readings that I have to go back and figure out where I left off.

    Susie, you’ve certainly picked up on some of the favourites. Right now, I’ve fallen back in love with Barbara Wright, one of the original companions. She’s a teacher, and brooks no nonsense, but is also frequently the voice of compassion. I think I have about half a dozen stories left with her and Ian.

    I’ll have to reread the comic to see how much he gets the spirit of the early Doctors and companions.