Bizarre New World: Population Explosion

April 26th, 2008 by

This was easily the “top of the stack” comic for me from this last week’s releases. I really loved the first three-issue series, and recommended it to everyone within earshot. This book lived up to those three issues. It was easily as well written and well drawn.

Perhaps the only questionable part of the experience was the format of the comic. This was packaged as a small trade paperback (“prestige format”) rather than a single issue, with a price point of $6.95. The length was probably just that of two issues, or even an especially “thick” single issue. (52 pages, including title, copyright and author’s rant on the back page.) I’m not really meaning to complain, as I was honestly happy to pay it, and especially happy to get the whole story in one package, but it did strike me that this must have been a tough marketing decision.

Read on for some minor spoilers. (But you should really read the first three comics if you haven’t already first.)

As for what happens in the comic, we’re seeing the world after everyone on the face of the planet has simultaneously learned they can fly. The main character has received an inconclusive phone call from his son, and all the circuits are busy, so he immediately takes to the air. His son lives a considerable distance away, so the bulk of the story is really him listening to the radio while flying. In this way, we get to hear about a lot of the “big stories” that result from everyone learning they can fly at once.

It’s really the characters that drive how good this series is. I recommend it highly!

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One Response to “Bizarre New World: Population Explosion”

  1. Hedgecock Says:

    I know the price point seems a bit steep BUT consider…

    You are getting 2 issues of a comic, 24 pages each issue (more than Marvel and DC average) for less than $3.50 per book (which is usually what Ape Entertainment books cost which is cheaper than most Indies).

    No matter how you break it down, you get more bang for your buck PLUS you get a nice, squarebound, prestige format book that you can put on your shelf next to your other TPB’s (including the ‘Flying Man Discovered’ TPB collecting the first series out in a month or so.)