Secret Invasion #2

May 21st, 2008 by

Mike bought the new Secret Invasion #2 this week, and I read his copy while we recorded the podcast tonight. Neither of us thought very much of it.

First of all, whoever drew the sentry’s butt in that first standoff page should be shot. There are other “bad butts” in the issue also, including Emma Frost’s and a very shadowy Wolverine. On the other hand, Sentry was drawn with quite a large “package”.

This is a big ‘ole review full of spoilers. Go get your copy of Secret Invasion #2, then come back here and finish reading this post.

How is it possible that a Tyrannosaur can kick all the Avenger’s asses? The whole comic was full of bad action, like the “Fiiiiizzz” blast at Wolverine.

The dead skrull spider man has arm webs (in his armpits), but there is only one other picture where you can see his arm webs.

There were four, count them, FOUR two-page-spreads in this comic. None of them have much dialog. That’s way less story than there should have been.

The half-page panel of dinosaur prints is ridiculous. Why was that panel even necessary? Mike thought it looked like the dinosaur was doing jazzercise.

The #1 thing that was wrong with this comic: Why do they keep giving Leinil Francis Yu work?


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  1. Rurik Says:

    I hate ‘bad butts’ in comics. Sexy, tight little butts on Emma Frost, Spider Woman, Ms. Marvel, Wonder Woman, and Power Girl are half the reason I still read comics at my age!