ReadComics Podcast #006

May 21st, 2008 by

Topics for this issue: Batman’s Death (we know nothing about this), Secret Invasion (similarities between Black Canary and Mockingbird), Gambit’s accent, Indiana Jones, Spider Man Loves Mary Jane, Joss Whedon, Southland Tales, sex in comics (Cherry Poptart), Iron Man, Starfox, and which superhero gets the most play.

For this podcast we had Martin, Florence, Jason, Mike and Susie.

Listen to Podcast Episode #006 (32 MB, 70 min)

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One Response to “ReadComics Podcast #006”

  1. florence Says:

    Thanks to Marty, a gap in my education has now been filled, and I have watched the first 3 Indiana Jones movies in their entirety. I definitely recognized bits and pieces of each, but now I am fully prepared to see the newest installment sometime this week. I know it’s not original, but I really enjoyed the 1st & 3rd, and hated the 2nd, except for the chase scene in the mine that made me want to jump on a roller coaster ASAP.