ReadComics Podcast #008

June 8th, 2008 by

To make up for the delay, tonight’s podcast was extra long! We waxed poetic on the topics of: Top 10, Northlanders, True Story Swear To God, 100 Bullets, Trinity, Buffy / Angel, Giant Sized Astonishing X-Men, upcoming superhero movies, Wizard World, Convergence, Gaylaxicon 2009, comic shops in Chicago, the Mall of America, x-men and comic “brand awareness”, serialized fiction in comic books and soap operas, amazon kindle and reading on handheld devices.

Listen to Podcast Episode #008 (39.5 MB, 1:24 hour)

3 Responses to “ReadComics Podcast #008”

  1. Brian Says:

    Hey Bro! I think your comparison of comics to soap operas is pretty close. I also think the reason it’s ok for soap operas and not comics is the volume and cost that people associate with comics. Soap operas are pumped into our homes free. You can record multiple episodes if you have the Soap chanel. For non-comic book folk, they don’t want to invest the time to go to the local shop or library (i think most people don’t even know that libraries exist any more), spend the money, etc. They want their instant gratification.

  2. tom beland Says:

    Hey everyone!

    Thanks so much for the nice words about TSSTG. Just so you know, Image has just released an omnibus collection of my entire self-published run (1-17). It’s over 500 pages for $20.

    As for my other work, I’ve written for Marvel and for Bongo Comics.

    Again, thanks for giving my work a try and I’m happy you enjoyed it.

  3. jason Says:

    You know, that is something I didn’t think of. The cost of entry for soaps is a lot cheaper than for comics. At least these days it is.