Google explains the features of their new open source web browser with… a comic book!

September 2nd, 2008 by

Google has announced they are launching themselves into the web browser development business this week with an open source browser they call Google Chrome.

The funny (and relevant) thing about this is that they’ve created a comic book that explains why and what they’re doing, drawn by none other than Scott McCloud.

It reads like a textbook, or maybe like a complex user manual, but the illustrations are clear and overall it does a good job of explaining some difficult ideas and concepts. It feelt a bit simplistic to me, but I’m a web developer, and these concepts are part of my job. I’m probably not the target audience. Also, I sort of wished there were links at various parts of the comic. I’d have liked to read more about some of the things they’re claiming this browser will do for us. But probably those links aren’t public yet anyway. The beta (for windows first) is supposed to be released sometime today.

UPDATE: Scott McCloud has a page on his website about this project. (Via Blogoscoped, where you can view some additional screenshots of Google Chrome in action.)


One Response to “Google explains the features of their new open source web browser with… a comic book!”

  1. florence Says:

    This comic is really cool- good art, flow, and it makes the material interesting. Since everything I know about web design is from listening to Marty, I still have plenty to learn, so I am not finding it too simplistic at all.