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September 3rd, 2008 by

I fully admit that it just hadn’t occurred to me until today to google for webcomics and board games together. (Two of my favorite things.) Here are a couple of the ones that I’ve stumbled onto so far. I’ll probably list any others that I find in the comments. (You can feel free to do the same!)

It all started today when I stumbled onto this comic called Ko Fight Club. There’s lots of other topics, but the author Russ Williams created a nice archive page with just the go comics on it. Unfortunately, the last entry is from Oct. 15, 2002.

Making Life hasn’t been updated since Feb. 2006, but it’s worth a read, even if there are only 14 comics up there.

Another go comic called Stones is written/drawn by Andreas Fecke (in dutch?). Apparently there also used to be another go webcomic called Almost Sente, but the site is down.

Chess comics seemed harder to find for some reason, but I did find this one called The Chess Comic that is all about teaching chess to beginners. Pretty cool idea, really. And it’s being actively updated!

3 Responses to “Board Game Webcomics”

  1. Scott T. Says:

    Thanks for the mention! The comic will be updated eery Thursday (although it might be so late it might as well be Friday).

    One of the reasons I decided to go through with this is that I couldn’t find any other chess comic online (active or otherwise). I was Just told about Clockwork Comics – and that was a nice find.

    I’m posting # 10 right now.

  2. Tiago Says:

    Hey, I was just googling webcomics and board games also and your blog appeared on the links 🙂

    If you’re interested in designer board games too, check out my webcomic:

  3. Martin Says:

    @Scott: Thanks for your comment! I did know about Clockwork Comics (I actually have a printed version of at least part of it floating around somewhere), but I don’t think I had actually bothered to look up the online version yet.

    @Tiago: Glad you found us! Thanks for commenting! Breaking the Magic is a welcome addition to this list. I read through about half of your archives just now, and I’ll read the rest of them sometime soon!