ReadComics Podcast #020 – Interview with Thom Zahler

October 14th, 2008 by

Tonight we had the immense pleasure of interviewing Thom Zahler, writer artist and creator of Love and Capes. He’s the self-professed “hardest working creator you’ve never heard of”. (It does sound like he works pretty hard. He was still the acting Mayor of his town for the duration of our interview.)

We had a lot of fun talking with him about his extensive experience in the comic book industry, as well as his opinions about everything ranging from sitcoms to the state of comics today. We talked about his inspirations and aspirations for the future. We even got him to sing a little for us.

Listen to Podcast Episode #020 (26.1 MB, 57 minutes)

3 Responses to “ReadComics Podcast #020 – Interview with Thom Zahler”

  1. The Thom Zahler Weblog » Blog Archive » Like “American Idol” But Everyone Loses Says:

    […] night I was a guest on the podcast. They had me on for the entire show, so it’s almost an hour of Thom Zahler babbling. […]

  2. Jesse Jackson Says:

    Great podcast and great interview. Looking forward to the trade paperback so I can have a chance to catch up with L&C characters I love so much!

  3. Thom Zahler Says:

    It was a blast being on the show. Ask me back anytime!