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Flight is quite easily one of my favorite series of graphic novels. the Flight books are anthologies of short, illustrated stories, each unique, some continuous, others not. Each story in the volume is written and drawn by a different author, leading to a sort of sampling of styles and tastes. All the stories seem to have in common is that they all have something to do with the word “flight” whether directly or circumspectly. Each volume contains an ideal balance of reserved thought, and absolute hilarity. The contrast from one section to the next, from the story to the artwork to the very concept, is very refreshing and makes the books that much more satisfying to read. These books were an absolute joy to read, and I would recomend them for anyone. I can’t provide much in the way of an in depth summary, or plot synapsys, as there is too much in theese volumes to condense. all I can do is recomend that you read them. What I can do, is assure you that there is something in these books for everyone, and that I am certain that you will enjoy them.

2 Responses to “Flight”

  1. Martin Says:

    You know, I see these ALL THE TIME at the library, and though they have great covers, I’ve never actually sat down to read one. I’ll have to remedy that sometime.

  2. Michael Says:

    Gorgeous cover art. I’ll have to check them out.