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The Boys

December 23rd, 2008 by Patrick

So recently, I dropped into Borders’ graphic novel section and did what I always do. grab a book at random, and start reading. Well. I managed to grab the first anthology of Garth Ennis’ The Boys, a graphic novel based on the premise that superheros are to negligent in there work, that they have too high a casualty rate, and now a renegade group of violent rebels is out to stop them. the comics folow both these rebels and the superheros, but larely so that we see that the rebels are justified when they smash the super’s faces in. This is one of the most violent and bloody comics I have ever seen. it also contains a massive quantity of, for lack of a better phrase, “adult content” (though they never actually show anything). All in all, I thought it was a good comic, but definately not for everybody.

My Favorite Webcomics

November 30th, 2008 by Patrick

Here is a list of some of my favorite webcomics. as the title indicated. I hope that it covers enough genres to entertain everybody.

Questionable Content

A well drawn comic centered around pretty much nothing. It has a very consecutive plot, and is quite hysterical. This is a rather generic description, but I can’t think of anything else to say. sorry. just check it out. The art starts out pretty bad, but one nice thing is watching the art advance. it gets very good by the end.


A geeky, sarcastic, intelligent, stick figure comic. it has a rudimentary recurring cast, but definently no plot. it is absolutely hysterical, and all the humor is very intelligent. The beginning of the archives is just a bunch of pencil sketches, but eventually he figures out photoshop or something, and the drawings get nice and crisp. for a little bit extra, don’t forget to check the alt-text by mousing over the comic.

Partially Clips

A comic for grownups. That’s how it bills itself. Each comic is a series of repeated frames with word bubbles. that’s it. but the comics are so bizarre, so out of the ordinary, you can’t help but laugh. the humor is definately sarcastic, cruel, and sardonic.


An unconventional comic, following a party of D&D goblins, as opposed to the party of heros. It gives the reader a different perspective, something new. it has decent artwork, but starts out in black and white.

Looking For Group

This is one of my favorites. A fantasy based comic with great artwork, sequential plot, and hilarious dialogue, there are no flaws with this comic. it places the epitome of good, a light elf named Kale, into a party with the epitome of evil, an undead warlock named Richard.

Commissioned Comic

A well drawn (usually) non-sequential comic following the main character O. it pretty much about nothing, and every once in a while it comes up with a mini arc. it is just a kind of laid back comic. sometimes they play D&D.

Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventure

A comic featuriang a wide variety of anthropomorphic characters in a fantasy setting. the characters have very nicely set personalities, and are all very well defined. As per usual, the art starts out like crap, then progresses. it has a very sequential plot, but sometimes jumps into self reference when the artist doesn’t feel like making a strip. or is sick.

The Peons

A great comic centering around the denizens of Antarctica. there are three human characters (to begin with). the King, and his two servitors, Meryl and Balthazar. Meryl is basically the straight man for Balthazar’s EVIL tendencies. the rest of the cast are penguins, who are all unnamed and basically interchangeable, save for the fact that a couple of them have odd personality quirks. like the one who only says “Q-tip”. ever.

One Manga

A massive compendium of manga, all readable online. what else is there to say?

The Webcomic List

If all else fails, then you can check this website out. it is an archive of pretty much ALL the webcomics out there. seriously.


November 11th, 2008 by Patrick

Flight is quite easily one of my favorite series of graphic novels. the Flight books are anthologies of short, illustrated stories, each unique, some continuous, others not. Each story in the volume is written and drawn by a different author, leading to a sort of sampling of styles and tastes. All the stories seem to have in common is that they all have something to do with the word “flight” whether directly or circumspectly. Each volume contains an ideal balance of reserved thought, and absolute hilarity. The contrast from one section to the next, from the story to the artwork to the very concept, is very refreshing and makes the books that much more satisfying to read. These books were an absolute joy to read, and I would recomend them for anyone. I can’t provide much in the way of an in depth summary, or plot synapsys, as there is too much in theese volumes to condense. all I can do is recomend that you read them. What I can do, is assure you that there is something in these books for everyone, and that I am certain that you will enjoy them.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

September 17th, 2008 by Patrick

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (when cicadas cry) is an excellent horror anime/manga. It is based on a Japanese sound novel, a type of mystery game, and the goal is to figure out just what is going on before the end. The story centers around a village, and each episode/book contains a different set of events. It is a very interesting concept, and will be entertaining to all fans of the horror genre! One hard thing to wrap your brain around is that it is completely non-linear, Which makes it very difficult to guess the outcome of the story.  It’s convoluted twists and turns keep kept me at the edge of my seat the whole way through. Now, I personally recommend downloading the anime online and watching the subtitled version, because the voices seem to fit the parts very well. not only that, but the sound track is amazing, perfectly tuned to how the watcher is supposed to be feeling. All in all, a thoroughly worthwhile venture.

Caution: despite the cover’s cutsey look, this is not for the faint of heart. seriously. it scared the shit out of me.

Terry Pratchett Graphic Novel Thing

June 25th, 2008 by Patrick

So, I just read the Graphic Novelization of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. It was Great. Despite never actually having READ the books (usually a mandatory prerequisite to reading/watching/seeing a remake of something), I thoroughly enjoyed it, and somehow feel as though if I had read the books before I saw this, I wouldn’t have had as much fun, oddly enough. If I had know what was going to come next, it simply would not have been the same. What I am assuming is Terry’s plot has so many twists and turns, I had no idea where it would go next!  The quirky humor meshes with a beautiful and detailed art style, and when you add in the  great plot line, you have an item guaranteed to enthrall for hours. Kudos both to Terry, and to Steven Ross, the illustrator who managed to capture everything perfectly (This may sound like hyperbole, but I am completely serious). Still, This book-like-thing may not be for everyone. It’s pretty lengthly, and quite wordy. So, it’s not for thickheads and those with monosyllabic vocabularies. Everyone else, tho, this is for you!