ReadComics Podcast #031

March 25th, 2009 by

Tonight’s podcast was just Marty Florence and Jason when we began, but then Susie joins us about ten minutes in. It’s a shorter one, but we manage to at least mention offhandedly the following topics: The Muppet Show Comic Book #1, Boom Studios new Pixar licensing, DC’s After Watchmen …what next? campaign, Ex Machina TPB #7, Batman RIP, old standby topics: Grant Morrison and Walking Dead, Angel: After The Fall, Blank It webcomic, Menage A 3, Piperka, Sister Claire, Promethia, and all female comic book podcasts: Comic Racks and Birds of Geek.

Listen to Podcast Episode #031 (18 MB, 38 minutes)

6 Responses to “ReadComics Podcast #031”

  1. That’s Us They’re Talking About | Blank It Says:

    […] should listen to this week’s Read Comics podcast, because there is a nice 4 minute chunk in it about Blank It And, you know, the talk about […]

  2. Lemmo Says:

    On the subject of Blank It and the iPhone, the strip is displayed in the iPhone app at pixel-perfect resolution from the web version, so you don’t lose any clarity, you just have to scroll across to see all the panels. And yeah, a G1 port is not out of the realm of possibility, it’s all about cajoling my dev buddy to do it.

    Thanks for enjoying the strip!

  3. Martin Says:

    Yeah, I vaguely remember trying to convey how good the strip looked on the app, but just didn’t get to squeeze that in there.

  4. Yamino Says:

    Hey, it’s me again! XD Thanks for the mention!

    At your suggestion, I’ll check out some of these other podcasts and webcomics. P.S. I think the hot tub podcast would really raise your ratings. As long as your readers have a vivid imagination. XD

  5. Arantor Says:

    10 year old comics off the top of my head
    Sluggy Freelance – coming up for 12 years this summer
    Superosity – just hit the 10 year mark
    Melonpool – sporadically between 1996 and last year
    Bruno the Bandit – reasonably consistent since 1998

  6. Martin Says:

    Yeah, I think it was PVP that we were debating? Their archives go back to May 1998. Penny Arcade’s archives start in December 1998. User Friendly goes back to November 1997. That makes sense, because I think I was reading all of those before I quit going to the UofMN, and I started a “real job” in 1999.