Go pick up Love and Capes #13 …today!

May 1st, 2010 by

Today is Free Comic Book Day, (as probably most of you know), and I was looking forward to all the free comics, but of course I have a special place in my heart for Love and Capes, and I have to say issue #13 absolutely did not disappoint. Author/creator Thom Zahler has just an amazing knack for making the lives of his characters feel incredibly real, and also incredibly funny. This is (in my opinion), the best kind of superhero story.

It just goes to show that free comic book day comics can be really good! Love and Capes has been one of my favorite comics since back in 2007, when I picked up issue #4 in a stack with all the other Free Comic Book Day comics. I’m not sure, but I think there may have been a L&C issue in every free comic book day since then. ReadComics.org interviewed Zahler for our first — and so far only — creator interview. If you haven’t read any Love and Capes, I highly recommend picking up the first couple trade paperbacks. (You probably don’t have to read them from the beginning, but it is a continuous story, so not only would you be spoiled, but you’ll definitely enjoy them more if you do.)

Anyway, after I got back home from braving the lines of comic book fanatics at The Source this morning, I devoured issue #13, laughing out loud every other page, and biting my tongue so as not to read every punchline out loud to Florence and Susie. When I finished the comic, I was excited to read in the back of this issue that Zahler is finally getting a chance to give Love and Capes the dedication and regular attention that it deserves (13 issues in how many years?) with the announcement that IDW will be picking up L&C for a monthly five-part miniseries! But that announcement also came with some bad news, as apparently Zahler is going to “take a break” from L&C for a bit after that. I hope to be reading L&C long into the future, at least until Mark and Abby become empty-nesters. Here’s to another fantastic issue of Love and Capes.


3 Responses to “Go pick up Love and Capes #13 …today!”

  1. Florence Says:

    I am lucky once again to have someone else brave the lines and bring me home a pile of free comics!
    I just read the L&C issue and loved the couple humor as well as the pop culture references. The unique About the Author section at the beginning if each issue is a special treat for those who collect single issues rather than the trade paperbacks.

  2. weapons of massdistraction › The Moments of Connection Says:

    […] waged against entropy and bureaucracy with many small victories to be claimed. And we enjoyed our Free Comic Book Day at The Source and had a creative dinner guest who drew an amusingly angry, homicidal teapot for us. […]

  3. Susie Says:

    I really love Love and Capes! So well done.