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November 8th, 2010 by

Tonight I created a new banner image for It’s one I’d been meaning to make for a long time… instead of featuring panels from print comics, it’s all panels from webcomics I love. It joins the other three banners in rotation, and should randomly appear if you hit refresh enough times.

Here’s the new banner:
webcomics banner

I had to make some hard choices while making this, what to pull from and what to leave out. Here are the comics, from right to left:

  • XKCD‘s geek anthem needed including, of course.
  • User Friendly was probably one of the first webcomics I read with any regularity.
  • Don Hertzfeldt‘s famous Rejected video is probably the outlier here. It feels like a webcomic to me, but maybe just because I associate it with that early-internet-days “thrill of discovery” you got whenever you found a new link of note.
  • Rounding out the top row, Jesus and Mo is a new-to-me webcomic that’s both hysterical and irreverently poignant.
  • Axe Cop, another new-ish webcomic, is notable for both its hilarity and the fact that its author is a 5 year old kid.
  • Dr. McNinja is both a doctor… and a ninja.
  • I managed to squeeze a tiny frame of Penny Arcade in there. In case you’ve somehow been living in a webcomic void, it’s mostly about videogaming, and sometimes features snarky comments reviewing the latest games. This frame is from one of their first comics, and if you follow the link, you’ll see that they were all about the reviews right from the start.
  • Underneath Penny Arcade is a piece of Scott McCloud‘s very early webcomic, My Obsession With Chess.
  • PvP is another classic videogame webcomic. Notably different from Penny Arcade in that it has characters that do stuff.
  • Order of the Stick is an awesome D&D parody. I almost replaced it because its bright colors made it stand out, but I spent a lot of time finding a panel with all the main characters in it (that I liked). Plus, it was great to get the fighter saying “.org”.
  • It’s possible I thought myself really clever when I positioned these characters from Sinfest underneath Jesus and Mo. Sinfest is a webcomic that I found looking through old bookmarks. I was happy to see they still appear to be coming out.
  • Finally, Little Gamers is another comic I had in my aging bookmarks file. (And no, I didn’t do the right corner last, it just happened that way.)

2 Responses to “New Webcomics Header in Rotation”

  1. Susie Says:

    Good idea using webcomics, im surprised we haven’t done so before. Of these I’ve only read PVP, Jesus and Mo, and Little Gamers. I couldn’t quite get Into Little gamers. A little too inside baseball for me I guess.

  2. michael Says:

    Nice header! “I am a banana!”