ReadComics Podcast #042 – Bookclub #15 – Books of Magic

March 28th, 2010 by

This podcast is an episode of the ReadComics Book Club where we talk about the first four issues of The Books of Magic #1-4, the issues written by Neil Gaiman. Angela, Florence, Jason J, Jason T, Marty, and Susie all give their opinions and impressions. Tangents abound, of course, and other topics include: various other Vertigo titles (Sandman, of course), Harry Potter comparisons, and “annotated” versions of comic books (Watchmen, Grant Morrison, Crisis on Infinite Earths). We hadn’t read (or known about) David Goldfarb’s Books of Magic annotations until mid-podcast. Enjoy!

Listen to Podcast Episode #042 (32 MB, 70 minutes)


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