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cool superhero mural in San Fran

June 30th, 2009 by Martin

san_fran_muralMore photos of this awesome mural (and some backstory) over at Mission Mission. Additional photos on my old friend Doctor Popular’s blog and flickr stream. And some more over at what I’m seeing.

New banner for!

June 25th, 2009 by florence

Check out the new banner that Mike created!

The banners will rotate randomly.  Right now only two are in rotation, and I have a clear preference for the new one with Serenity prominently featured.

Update [07/30/2009] (by marty): Now there are three in rotation! See all three below.
Second Update [11/08/2010] (by marty): Now there are four in rotation! You can see the new one here.

You can click on each one to see them full sized.
Mike's New Header (#3)
Mike's Header (#2)
Mike's Header (#1 - v.4)

Next Comic Book Book Club: Annihilation 1-3

June 25th, 2009 by florence

Annihlation: Silver Surfer (Book Two) The next ReadComics book club is planned for Saturday, July 11th, or two weeks from this coming Saturday. We hope to have all the regulars, and some supporting cast for this book club, when we’ll talk about Annihilation, books One, Two, and Three.

Annihilation Books 1, 2, 3
Saturday, July 11th 1PM
Florence & Marty’s apartment

X-Men Relationship Map

June 25th, 2009 by Martin

xmen_relationships_smallSharyn (whose birthday it is today, happy birthday Sharyn!!!) sent me a link to this crazy relationship map. Click the thumbnail to see it full size. She found this over at, which appears to have a whole crap-ton of x-men comic synopses, as well as loads of other x-men content.

Jason points out that, in all those characters, he could only find one same-sex relationship in the whole map, and two same-sex crushes.

ReadComics Podcast #035

June 16th, 2009 by Martin

This is another “what are we reading” podcast, touching on the following topics: Bean World, The Unwritten, (and various other black-haired bespectacled wizard boys), Chew, The Gaylaxicon booth at Pride this year, Jan’s Atomic Heart, by Simon Roy, Richard K. Morgan’s sci-fi novels, including Altered Carbon and Market Forces, Hawkeye’s new limited series, The New Mutants, Garage Band by Gipi, Gigantic, Ignition City (Warren Ellis), Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil, Civil War, and the deaths and subsequent rebirths of various super heroes, including Captain America and The Flash.

Listen to Podcast Episode #035 (34 MB, 75 minutes)

Another Dr. Horrible comic

June 6th, 2009 by Susie

We have allready seen two Dark Horse presents Dr. Horrible Comics. One featuring Captain Hammer (in print), the next was about Moist (in print). And now here is the third. Written by Zach Whedon

Penny Keep Your Head Up

I really hope to see more of these, they really flesh out the world of the web series.  Of course I would love to see a sequel to the musical, and now that Dollhouse, How I Met Your Mother, and Castle are all on summer hiatus it may happen.