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Dream Casting, Sandman Casting Call Part 13: Gods both Tricky, and Catty. Plus a bonus Faerie.

October 1st, 2010 by Susie

Like I said before, all types of gods were welcome in Sandman.  One of the most memorable was Bast.  The Egyptian goddess with a human body and a cat’s head.  She was a major goddess in her time, but as her following dwindled, so did her power.  Her personality is as catlike her appearance.  She is at times: flirtatious, self interested, aloof, affectionate, and playful.  There also times when the sadness of her loss comes through.

My pick to play her is Virginia Hey.

She played a regal, enigmatic, goddess-like character as Zhaan on Farscape.  As such she has loads of experience acting through large amounts of makeup, that the role would require.

Next up we have one of the ultimate trickster gods, Loki.  He is portrayed just as he is in Norse mythology.  The untrustworthy adopted son of Odin.  He loves a dirty joke.  He can’t pass up any opportunity to mess with anyone, and he doesn’t like being shown up in any way.

My pick is Iggy Pop.

He looks a lot like the character as drawn, and he is a pretty good actor.  He played a sweet, softy of a suburban dad on the Adventures of Pete and Pete, in the nineties.  Think of what he could do with an anarchist god.

Finally we have Puck, of A Midsummer Night’s Dream fame.  In Sandman he is depicted as a malicious imp.  More likely to slip strychnine in your coffee, as give you donkey ears for a night.  In his true form he looks like a tiny hairy devil creature, but he can also look human.

And my pick for him is David Tennant.

Obviously Tennant is very capable of being lovable, which is the antithesis of the role, but I really want to see him play a malignant character.  I am sure he can pull off the right mix of hyper, and viscious.  It would be fun to see him play the human form, and also a motion captured CGI version.

Next up the furies!

Farscape’s Chiana writes comics!

September 7th, 2008 by florence

Those of us who watched Farscape when it was on (1999-2003) know that it was a beautifully shot science fiction show with a staggeringly hot cast of complex female characters spanning many alien species.  The hottest was Chiana, a gray alien exiled from her native culture for her rebellious ways and added to the crew in the middle of the first season, becoming one of the main characters and staying on through the final episode and miniseries.  Spazzy fangirl that I am, when I met the actress who played Chiana, Gigi Edgley, at a wedding/ unicycle competition in Minnesota yesterday, I gawked and grinned, texted Susie, and basked in her stardom.  The rest of the crowd got word that she was a famous actress, but no one else seemed to have a clue about the specifics.

A mutual friend introduced us to Gigi at the wedding, and she was incredibly nice and gracious about fan attention.  She is still doing a lot of appearances at conventions, and has also been branching out into projects of her own.  She is launching a comic titled Blue Shift.  Here is more info from her press release:

What’s Blue Shift?
BLUE SHIFT is a brand new Science Fiction Adventure comic series by Gigi Edgley, an Australian actress best known for her role as “Chiana” on the hit TV series FARSCAPE, and Brian Meredith, a comic book writer of such titles as Sprecken and Lucifer Fawkes and Co-Founder of the Emerald City ComiCon. The artwork for this series is by Sidney Lima, the artist for Zorro by Papercutz.

What’s It About?
BLUE SHIFT is the tale of a young woman named Pepper Jones [pictured above], who is abducted and experimented upon by an alien race that capture and sell humans (and other less advanced races) as slave labor for other aliens.

However, before these malevolent aliens can finish modifying her for hard labor and blind obedience, the unthinkable happens: Pepper fights back! With the help of another captive, she manages to escape their vile clutches, something that has never happened before.

Now, with her new companion at her side, Pepper finds herself traveling among the stars as she makes a new life for herself.

When Is It Coming Out?
BLUE SHIFT is scheduled to be released as a 3-issue miniseries in the summer of 2008. It is currently being produced by Rorschach Entertainment, which has put together a Blue Shift Preview Ashcan that contains the original 10-page story that started it all. This book is available for purchase online.

Buy The Blue Shift Preview Ashcan Here!! [currently out of stock]

More info can be found at the Blue Shift website.